If you want to acquire a company or property and need finance to do so, we will work with our broad network of banking and non-banking partners to find the funds that best match your specific requirements. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to work with us.

We can assist you with reporting as a member of your management team, offering frequent management input on all the essential tax, financial, and business strategies you need. We can make preparations for the future if we work together.

Engagements With Readers Given Notice

The most typical kind of financial engagement is a compilation, also often called a notice-to-reader. A compilation of all of your company's financial information as of the conclusion of the fiscal year is what it sounds like it would be. As accountant Vaughan, you will be provided with unaudited financial accounts to evaluate due to this engagement.

It is a reporting tool that may be used to evaluate the state of your company's finances. While these statements are the finished product for many people, we see them as the beginning of a process that will help you examine what has happened in your company over the previous year and draw lessons from those experiences so that you may be more successful in the future.

Keeping Accounts/Accounting Books

Numerous businesses rely on our company to handle their year-end bookkeeping and accounting needs. We create unaudited financial statements, corporate tax returns, GST/HST returns, T4 slips and summaries for workers, T5 slips and summaries for dividends, ROEs for employees, and other related documents.

We assist companies ranging in size from sole proprietorships to publicly traded corporations in developing sound strategies for minimizing their overall tax burden. Every year, we will provide you with a new memo to fulfill all your payment responsibilities to the CRA for the whole year for all your tax accounts.

If the CRA has not contacted you in any way, you may be eligible for a Voluntary Disclosure, which would allow you to have your taxes done without incurring any penalties. If that is the case, we can assist you even if it has been many years since your company last filed. By using this tool, you may prevent cash flow difficulties at the end of the year caused by paying an excessive amount of tax at one point in time.